Thursday, October 27, 2011

Must-see field goal block and return TD

Some sports plays stick with you because they were important moments that decided championships. Others are memorable for their oddity/degree of difficulty. This is one of the latter. 
It may not have meant much in the grand scheme of the season, but this play by Hayden Knudson will undoubtedly be the highlight of the year at Hayfield Secondary School in Alexandria, Va.
I've seen many field goals blocked thanks to a combination of bad timing, a low kick or great defensive effort. The way Knudson pulls in the kick like he was catching a lateral is what allows him to be 10 yards down the field before half the offensive line has a chance to turn around. Here's another example of a play that sticks out because of its oddity/degree of difficulty.

Roy Willliams' leap over his blocker just to get his hand on the ball and sack Chris Simms is incredible. The football could have ended up anywhere. Landing in Teddy Lehman's hands for an easy defensive touchdown is the icing on this beauty of a cake. That is, unless you're a Longhorns fan. 

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Morrisville youth wins 3 golds at national ice skating competition

Hailey Blodgett, 8, of Morrisville performs a cartwheel
Hailey Bodgett's budding skating career was profiled in an article last November. Since then? It's been more of the same for the eight-year-old from Morrisville. Here are few of her accomplishments outlined by her father, Ken:

  • Trains three times per week in Buffalo with former Olympian Lisa Ervin-Baudo
  • Won three gold medals at ISI World Championships in Blaine, Minn., in July
  • She was one of 10 solo skaters selected out of 1100 chosen to perform in a benefit  show starring former U.S. champ Ryan Bradley
  • Given a tour of the Riedell Factory in Red Wing, Minn., by the company vice president, Dan Riegelmann, where she is the youngest sponsored skater they have ever had in the company's 60 year history
  • Sponsored by the Chloe Noel skatewear line and appears in their national advertising
  • She will perform at the Utica College home opener at the Utica Auditorium when the Utica Pioneers take on the Canadian Royal Military College, October 21st at 7pm
  • She has been invited to be a guest skater in Canandaigua at a holiday benefit show on December 18th 
You can also catch her signature ice cartwheel at select Colgate men's and women's hockey games this season. 

Monday, October 10, 2011

Oneida girls tennis locked in 3-day match for championship

As far as epic three-day tennis matches go, not much can beat the drama of John Isner's marathon win against Nicolas Mahut at Wimbledon in 2010:
However, Oneida's girls tennis team is locked in a 3-day match of its own with the Tri-Valley League title is on the line. 
Undefeated New Hartford beat Oneida 6-1 in an early season meeting and neither team has lost a league match since. That means if Oneida could pull off a win in the rematch, the teams would share the championship. 
The deciding match in New Hartford began on September 27, but was postponed due to rain with all matches in the first set.
The teams resumed play on October 6, only to have the final match of the day suspended by darkness and the TVL rivals tied 3-3. 
Here's how the match has gone so far:
OHS' Jenna Didio reaches for a return against NH
1S: Claire Hotvedt (NH) d. Connie Froass 6-3,6-3
2S: Anjie Liu (NH) d. Shannon Hollenbeck 6-3,6-0
3S: Jenna Didio (O) d. Whitney Patralia 7-5,6-4
1D: Alex Romano/Rachel Madden (NH) d. Paige  Pendleton/Marianthi Docous 6-1,6-1
2D: Julie Sarensky/Rachel Markle (O) d. Madeline Locke/Emily Acquaviva 4-6,6-3,6-1
3D: Kasia Kinsella/Emilee Lanz (O) d. Ooha Kambhampati/Neesh Desa 1-6,7-6,6-3
4D: Jillian Brodock/Destiny Pagan (O) vs. Carisma Cherukuri/ Emily Steates (NH) 5-7, 6-3 (suspended with OHS up 2-0 in 3rd)

So that brings us to day 3 of the TVL-deciding contest. Oneida's Jillian Brodock and Destiny Pagan will resume their match against Carisma Cherukur and Emily Steates of New Hartford at 3:45 on Tuesday at New Hartford. The Oneida duo is currently up 5-7, 6-3, 2-0 despite not playing doubles together in any other TVL match this season.

Oneida coach Todd Hicks has tapped Brodock to play most of her doubles matches with Kasia Kinsella, while Pagan has been matched with at least three different partners this season. To make things even more dramatic, because of the postponements, the match will be the final one of the regular season for both teams.
On Tuesday, Pagan and Brodock will begin the contest's 3rd day with a chance to earn their first win together, avenge the earlier loss to NH and clinch a share of the TVL championship for Oneida. That is if the weather holds up.