Thursday, February 19, 2015

No shortage of school spirit in Southern Madison county

Anyone who has attended an area high school sporting event has likely heard a pregame request to refrain from any negative cheers or comments fall on deaf ears attached to heads with large mouths.
In my travels this winter I've heard spectators yell at coaches and referees, not to mention players on the team they're supposedly cheering on.
My personal favorite is the parent that yells "shoot it!" every time their child touches the ball. As picture above shows, players know when to shoot the ball.
However, the student sections at Tuesday's Section III Class D girls basketball playoff game between Hamilton and Madison showed that it's not all bad news. Hamilton's Green Mile (decked in black, naturally) was out in full force, packing one section of the bleachers while several Madison students made the 6.7 mile trip to fill a section next to it.

The Green Mile in action. Black is the new green.
The showing continues a trend I've seen this winter at these small schools. The loudest gym I've been in this winter was Morrisville-Eaton's for a girls basketball game against the rival Emerald Knights. Madison's gym was almost overflowing during the final game of its Christmas tournament against rival Stockbridge Valley and the Blue Devils also played in front of a packed house on a Wednesday night against Otselic Valley a few weeks ago.
It's the effort that counts.
It's always great to see students come out and cheer their classmates on and its even better when its done in the right way. Now, was there a lot of noise and a premature shot clock countdown or two on Tuesday night? Sure, but I don't find any fault with a little gamesmanship. Spectators have been trying to disrupt free throw shooters for as long as there has been spectators and free throws. 
For the most part, students from both sides actively cheered for their team while avoiding any personal shots at players, coaches and referees.
School spirit and sportsmanship at its finest.