Monday, June 17, 2013

Defending the mess... er, Mets' celebration

By Kyle Mennig 
Sunday afternoon Kirk Nieuwenhuis gave many a Mets fans (and their fathers - mine included) a fantastic Fathers Day, blasting a three-run home run to give the boys from Queens a come-from-behind 4-3 victory over the Chicago Cubs.

As many baseball fans already know, you might as well change Citi Field's name to Mudville, because there has been little to no joy to be found this season (or many others this century). The Mets "improved" to 21-39 with the victory, prompting this little gem from Bob Costas.

Sure, the celebration was a little over-the-top (are they spanking him?). But the decline of Western civilization? Reign it in a little Costas. Matthew Callan's piece over at Amazin' Avenue does a great job summing up why Costas' outrage is so ridiculous and considers that it's likely a result of Costas' career in decline that led to his little joke.

But there's a little more. For the Mets, a four-run game qualifies as an offensive explosion, much less a four-run inning. For me, the celebration is an exhale, coming with it the thought that maybe it will get better even though I know it most likely won't. But why not bask in that moment of hope that has been all too brief this year?

Also, take a look at MLB's walk-off page. Nearly every thumbnail on the page features a team mobbing players at home plate, celebrating the most exciting way to win a game. The Cardinals, the Marlins, the Indians, the Braves all celebrate in similar fashion so why should the Mets be any different Costas. Why should New York's "other" team have to solemnly walk off the field to ponder their fate as potential cellar-dwellers?

The remark was a little different than his other holier-than-thou moments in recent years (gun control, end zone celebrations) in that it was more of an off-hand quip than a planned soap-box session. Still, taking morality lessons from a guy who uttered the following line is a little hard for me to stomach.

You're Excited? Feel These Nipples!

Bob, you want to talk about the decline of Western civilization? Let's start with that little gem and move forward from there.


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