Thursday, October 27, 2011

Must-see field goal block and return TD

Some sports plays stick with you because they were important moments that decided championships. Others are memorable for their oddity/degree of difficulty. This is one of the latter. 
It may not have meant much in the grand scheme of the season, but this play by Hayden Knudson will undoubtedly be the highlight of the year at Hayfield Secondary School in Alexandria, Va.
I've seen many field goals blocked thanks to a combination of bad timing, a low kick or great defensive effort. The way Knudson pulls in the kick like he was catching a lateral is what allows him to be 10 yards down the field before half the offensive line has a chance to turn around. Here's another example of a play that sticks out because of its oddity/degree of difficulty.

Roy Willliams' leap over his blocker just to get his hand on the ball and sack Chris Simms is incredible. The football could have ended up anywhere. Landing in Teddy Lehman's hands for an easy defensive touchdown is the icing on this beauty of a cake. That is, unless you're a Longhorns fan. 


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