Thursday, April 2, 2015

Bo knows, but do they know Bo?

Bo knows.

I was all of three years old when Bo Jackson's iconic ad aired during the 1989 MLB All-Star Game and when Bo retired from baseball in 1994 I was eight. While I never got to watch Bo live, by the time I graduated high school I was very familiar with his work. I had seen the man run 91 yards for a touchdown before apparently exiting the stadium...

... and scale a wall Spiderman-style like it was no big deal.

Today I came to grips with the reality that, much like myself at their age, kids today don't know Bo.

I was impressed with the way young Mr. LaRoche handled himself throughout this chat. He seemed very interested and engaged with everything Bo was saying and he very coolly let Bo know that touching the brim of his hat was not OK.
I don't care how many All-Star teams you were on, if you touch my hat again I'm going to have to pound on you a little bit.

I was also very impressed that Bo, while detailing some of his incredible accolades, humbly declined to mention he's without a doubt the most powerful video game character of all time.


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