Monday, August 6, 2012

Camp adventures: Giants at the University at Albany

Last week I was lucky enough to attend New York Giants training camp at the University at Albany, and I thought I'd share some observations that didn't make the story.
  • Comfortable shoes are important for training camp. Getting from the parking lot to the field was a 15-minute walk, and then there was more walking around the fields, and a 15-minute walk back to the car. I'm glad I wore sneakers.
  • Making sure the camera has fully charged batteries is also important. I snapped one terrible picture before mine died. I used my cell phone for the rest of the day, but it doesn't let me zoom in too far.
Yes, one of those red dots is Eli Manning.
  •  Weather forecasts are often inaccurate. One of the problems with attending training camp is it's a long drive, and if it rains the players go inside and you go home. The day I went there were storms predicted before camp was scheduled to start, but they arrived late. Fortunately they arrived near the end of practice, so I was able to see a good chunk of it.
  • Giants fans are kind of quiet. I know, I was shocked too. I noticed some shyness after they lost their second game to the Redskins last season, but I thought they overcame it after the Super Bowl victory. I guess I was wrong because quite a few fans I asked to talk about the team at camp weren't interested.


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