Thursday, March 29, 2012

NYC high school makes video to ask Jeremy Lin to speak at graduation

Stuyvesant High School students have asked New York Knicks guard Jeremy Lin to speak at their graduation the only way they kids today know how - a YouTube video they hope will go viral:
Stuyvesant is a public high school in New York City known for its math, science and technology programs. Ultimately the plan seems to have failed as Lin tweeted, "@JLin7: Stuyvesant High! Awesome honored to have been invited. I cant make it BUT im making a response video and will visit if possible!"
No matter what the video ultimately does or doesn't accomplish, the feelings of the students and teachers interviewed are genuine. It's been almost two months since Linsanity was at its peak hype and some people have wondered if the second-year point guard will now fade into obscurity. This video suggests Lin will have a lasting impact. The cultural, educational, racial, religious and athletic attributes Lin possesses have inspired the next generation.
No one asked Lin if he wanted to be a role model, but his background combined with his play on the court has helped thrust him there. It will be interesting to witness the continued evolution of Linsanity both on and off the court - not to mention what video Lin posts as a response.


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Provided video seems to me very meaningful due to effective side. I like this video of Lin to speak at graduation. Thanks mate. :)

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